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Canal shed is in the background as a stopping train of the new natonalized 1948 British Railways heads out on the single line to Silloth

Grinsdale Bridge wa an  interesting place as the train bursts through on its way to the first stop at  Kirkandews some 5 miles away.

1950s Kirkandrews on a summer evening J39 passing through to Carlisle, the trains only stopped at Abbey Town on a Sunday.

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Today a picture taken near the same location, the line is now a cycleway. Behind the trees to the left is where the Canal shed was.

Grinsdale Bridge today. The area is now a car sales garage, the very vehicles which saw the death of the line. The compound is used to store some old army trucks.

Kirkandrews 6th May 2003, the station is now a private dwelling and has just been bought, it is now being refurbished. Can you spot the only remaining platform edge slab.