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Mon, Wed, Fri 20.00 to 22.00.

Some Sat & Sun afternoons from approx 14.00 hrs.

6th September 1964 was a sad year for Cumbria. From the train into the setting sun Kingmoor loco 43139 known as Jezabell by local railway men on the last train to Silloth. The Driver was Mr J Lister.

 D.M.Us ran from 1955, so the CRF members asked for the last train to be steam hauled. Well done B.R

The line officially closed on Monday 7th September 1964.

1968 The BRS members with a hand made head board by John Hammond. One of Carlisle's mainline's was to close, the now famous WAVERLEY ROUTE through the Scottish borders to Edinburgh lost its life on the 6th January 1969. 

Sat 4th April 1970. The Ayrshire Explorer was the third brakevan tour of southern Scotland. From Carlisle we traveled via the G.& S.W to Dumfries and on the Kilmarnock where we stopped for a short while. Next stop was Ayr. We then traveled to Troon Harbor where the City of Carlisle was scraped in 1964.

Above The Furnessman with D5282 at Moor Row.

Steam loco Amazon Haig Colliery being cleaned by John Hammond and the late John Bowes to the right. The loco was waiting at the bottom of Coppers Hill and was attached to the rear of the brake van tour  with two diesels at the front for the climb to the summit on the 24th May 1969


4th April 1970

Ready to depart from Carlisle behind D now class 33.

Above a visit to Waterside was the highlight of the tour, the N.C.B arranged a steam hauled train of coal wagons nicely washed out for our passengers to travel the collery line.

After a tour of other lines in the area we traveled back south to join the G.& S.W to Carlisle.

This was the last brakevan tour of the club, someone found out we were having a good time.

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