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Cummersdale 1953

A I56 unit has just passing through the former station travelling to west on the bridge over the river Caldew which could do with some refurbishment and a coat of paint.

 Above, what is left I suspect is a lamping hut. Nature has taken over where the coaling stages have been, since  demolished.

Cummersdale 2004

Cummersdale Station on the Maryport & Carlisle Railway. Although I lived at Lund Crescent Currock, I have memories of my dad going to Carlisle station in the late 40s& earlier 50s to catch the train to Cummersdale. We would wave to him when the train passed our house. 

This practice stopped in 1953 when the station closed to public passengers. Dispensation was given to the factory workers until 1961 to use the station mainly from Dalston & Aspatria. Goods trains lingered slowly past our house 24 hrs a day. The squeal of the brake-van brakes would wake you up in the night. When the train stopped all the wagons would clang together. It took ages to get into the small yards around Carlisle. When the new marshalling yard opened in 1961 the trains passed more swiftly.

EWS class 56 with a rake of Corus rail freight wagons south of the station on it way to Workington in the west. Freight on the line seems to have increased in last few years.


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